The Sols Writing Center

 Since completing Business Management in 1995, Sherri pursued a career in the field of Cosmetology & branched off as a Nail Technician since 1991. Soon, Sherri combined her management ability and passion for writing and dreamed of starting her own magazine and performing arts studio, until Sherri experienced the death of 2 children in 1989 & 1991, which delayed her starting her own business

 at that time. Her son died from an undetected heart & liver defect that was not caught in time. Her daughter was found dead at a daycare providers home & had been deceased for over 3 hours when the paramedics arrived along with her & her family.

In 1994 , Sherri began again to write poetry and music. As hurtful as all this was to bear, Sherri continued  to release her pain from within which singing has always motivated her.While broken on the inside & having the mindset to still raise her oldest & only son she had left, J'Markus, Sherri began traveling & speaking in Michigan, Virginia Beach, Canada, Atlanta,GA &  Kentucky.  She worked with various artist and producers such as: George Pierce of UBU Productions, Bernard Terry of Silver Sun Productions, Jeff Lober in the Pacific Palasades in California even Dave Rosas from EMI Records in 1996. Sherri was able to meet Teddy Riley and open for various artist such as; MC Lyte, Intro, Frankie Beverly & Maze, UNLV and 95 South just to name a few. 

After the birth of her 4th child Jalen in 1999 , she was told he would  be Autistic, be Language Impaired & have ADHD. Once again she was challenged to put her dreams and visions aside to assist her son in anyway she could. As her Faith would have it, Sherri and her son began singing , dancing and speaking about special needs youth and their abilities and not their disabilities. Sherri rededicated her life to Christ in 2008 and her son was delivered from these disabilities. Her oldest son is getting released from incarceration after serving 4 months in prison. Her son being locked up for that short period of time gave her the idea to get their magazines to those who need inspiration and motivation to live, to laugh, to love continuously no matter their situation of Life.

In 2010 Sherri partnered with the Literacy Imperative a nonprofit 501 c(3) organization that helped her to start Bless the Mic events.These events allowed her to speak on the mic her Situations of Life stories to empower and encourage others with singing songs of inspirations, which she had written over the years.Sherri worked with Nate Evans of the Temptations Revue and former Impressions singer and recorded a motivational Cd with 18 tracks with Kevin Dickson of North South Productions in Sevierville,TN. Kevin is originally from Detroit, Michigan and worked on the music scene with various artist such as; Anita Baker, The Winans and many, many more. Sherri Williams' cd is NOW Available nationwide on Itunes, Amazon and CdBaby.

 Sherri is a member of Honey Rock Victorious Church in Knoxville, Tn under Apostle Jerry Upton. She was Licensed as an Evangelist in September of 2013. One of her many, many accomplishments since the Blessings over her children & her Life.

 In 2014, Sherri has launched Sols Magazine Inc. Enterprises. Sherri is the publisher, editor in Chief and has her sons as freelance writers for the company. They will focus on bringing you stories that will empower you to trust your Faith and give those who want to share their stories an outlet. This magazine will be offered quarterly in the months of March/ June/ September/ December each year.

Their mission is to get these magazines in the hands of those in prison, jail, homeless shelters, juvenile facilities, runaway shelters and those families who have deceased children. God placed all this heartache on her to be a vessel for those who will need transparency with their situation s in life. No one will Ever know how you feel, but to have someone who you can talk to that  has been down that dark road can make it easier to vent and cry.
Sherri Williams is that person.

Sherri has totally Let go and is letting God guide her & her children so that her story will encourage our government, celebrities , ministries and organizations to sponsor magazines to those who need motivation to have hope, to write, to sing, to pray and to believe that We can do all things through Christ that strengthens us. Phil 4:13. 

Sherri continues to host Bless the Mic events as Fundraisers to help get magazines to prisons, shelters our homeless and parents of deceased children. They continue to share their story and empowering the gifts in others from singing, dancing, poetry and spoken word. Sherri is available to do Public speaking events and workshops. Please review our WELCOME page for sponsorship opportunities. We thank you in advance.

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