•  Do you have a loved one in prison? 
  • Are you looking for a way to send them information about what's going on in their community and services available to them when they out?
  • Did you know that you can not send them magazines or booklets of any kind?
  • Once Sponsored, SMI can send them FREE, directly to the inmates, 25 copies to Angelic Ministries, Food Banks, Clothing ministries and shelters.
  • Sponsor brochures and we mail them to the inmates nationwide.
  • Our magazines brochures go to prisons and helps to bring families back together.
  • Send us your family pictures of graduations, births, announcement and more and we can get it to your loved one
  • Visit us by appointments:
  • 1400 N. 6th Ave #B4 or email us (solswm@gmail.com) your poetry, short stories or motivational quotes and we will put it in our magazine brochures and get it to them. 
   Brochures are available in Digital or Printed 

  • Quarterly Brochures Digital/Print   = $1.00        

  • Send these brochures to your Youth Groups
  • Send these brochures to your Support Groups
        $10 for bundles of #50 count (brochures)

 Advertise with us  just $25.00 for 3 months

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   Submit your information to: (solswm@gmail.com)