The Sols Writing Center

Welcome to Sols Writing Center. Here you will be inspired to complete your book and get the help and assistance needed to guide you step by step on getting it done, no excuses. When you become a member for $25 annually, you will now receive a writer's workbook to aide you in writing your book. You will also get discounted rates on center usage and more.
  • $25 Annual Membership fee comes with workbook ( 2 hour workshop)
  • $10 per hour for additional workshop training (website or book writing)Saturdays 11-4
  • $25 (2 HRS) to use classroom/center - ($10 p/h members)
  1. Please take the time to complete this membership form online.
  2. You will receive a membership card
  3. Pay button provided below 

Become a member today!

Purpose for Membership $25 annually

When you become a member, you are at your own risk while on our premises. We are not responsible for any occurrances at our facility. We share this space with several other tenants, all members are to be in our destinated area at all times. Do you acknowledge this rule?

You give SWC/SMI/SIOB Media Release to post pictures of events on social media and promotional advertisement.


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